Republic of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus offers a number of advantages for conducting clinical trials:

  • Full compliance with ICH GCP (Good Clinical Practice) international standards.
  • Detailed documentation and orientation toward strict reporting system and quality indicators lead to the high level of data accuracy.
  • A large number of inhabitants. As of January 1, 2017, Belarus has a population of 9, 499, 644.
  • Relatively low accessibility of high tech methods of treatment and examination for population which also increases the recruitment speed and provides inclusion in the trials to the patients without previous treatment and with different severity of active condition.
  • The potential used in the sphere of clinical trials is only 10-15%. Comparatively small volume of the clinical research market and its huge potential let us assume that the expected growth rate will be at least 10-20% over the next 3 years.
  • The legal system and the way of organizing clinical trials in the Republic of Belarus also make it incredibly attractive for the conduct of clinical trials. The approval for the conduct of a clinical trial is issued within 40 weekdays.
  • The registration procedure lasts up to 210 days from the acceptance of the state registration application to the issue of the Certificate of Registration.
  • The experience and education of the doctors conducting clinical trials result in the high-quality data which is confirmed by the regulatory authorities’ inspections.
  • The potential for a decrease in the clinical trial budget.