Published on Sunday February 04, 2018

4 Feb is World Cancer Day

Smooth Drug Development celebrates World Cancer Day. Let's beat cancer sooner!
World Cancer Day is Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. 8. It’s an initiative under which the entire world unites to explore how everyone can do their part to reduce the global cancer burden. Smooth Drug Development supports the initiative, patients with oncology, oncology survivors and its clients who are developing new drugs and therapies to beat the disease. Smooth Drug Development supports clinical research to develop patient-oriented strategies to prevent, cure and/or live with cancer.
Oncology drug development consumes an average of seven years in clinical evaluation and yields a discouraging success rate: only 7% of oncology agents entering Phase I gain marketing approval.Oncology is also unique in that the time to reach clinical endpoints is longer than other areas. Smooth Drug Development recognizes the challanges of oncology clinical trials. Smooth Drug Development provides best CRO solutions for its clients to perform high quality trials in oncology in Post-Soviet states to save improve people’s quality of life all over the world.