Published on Thursday February 27, 2014

New commercial R&D unit for early phase

On March 21, 2014 a new commercial R&D unit for early phase and bioequivalence trials will be opened in Saint-Petersburg. 
This event is an inspiring one for the major players in the pharmaceutical market. LLC BioEq has been founded with the support of RVC (Russian Venture Capital) within the framework of Pharma 2020 strategy program. 
BioEq is the first Russian clinical pharmacology center specialized in early phase and bioequivalence trials. The company profile has its goal in facilitating development, registration and marketing of medicinal drugs, medical devices and new treatment methods, the major clients of the company being Russian and foreign pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
The development of a center like this has become a very timely event because of:
  1. patent expiration of quite a few leading medicinal drugs
  2. requirement to conduct clinical trials for generic drugs in Russia (in compliance with the Federal Law 61 On Circulation of Medicines)
  3. adoption and execution of the Pharma 2020 program, which, essentially, stimulates local production and development of Russian medicinal products
BioEq facilities occupy an area of 2.000 square meters. 
The clinical center has 40 beds and is equipped with the needed instrumentation. Comfort atmosphere and convenient conditions are created for volunteers in the center. 
Address: 197342, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnogvardeyskiy per. 23
Opening time: 13:00 
You need to register in order to participate in the event. If you have questions on registration and participation, please e-mail at or call at +7 812 913 04 23. 
Seminars, clinical centre tours, and a reception will be organized for the guests.