Published on Wednesday May 01, 2019

We are working on the following new projects:

  • Smooth signed a new contract for phase III trial of (INN: Flurbiprofen + Cetyl pyridinium chloride).
  • Smooth is signing a new contract for medical writing for Phase III trial of INN: Sertaconazole.
  • Our company finalizes the contract for the phase III study of INN: Acetylcysteine for a European Sponsor.
  • Smooth is signing a contract for phase III clinical trial of INN: Teriparatide.

News of the Clinical Department:

  • Our team included the first patient in the AML study, sponsored by an international pharmaceutical company.
Other news of this month:

Our business development team is preparing for a tour of conferences and will visit MAGI, ASCO, and BIO in May and June of this year. Our team will be happy to meet old friends and new acquaintances!  Shoot us a line at, if you wish to schedule a meeting with us.