Published on Thursday March 08, 2018

The company has started working on new projects:

  • Smooth starts the project in data management and statistics in a research, conducted by a global pharmaceutical company.
  • In February Smooth expanded several projects, conducted by our Russian and western Sponsors.

The company has reached important milestones in the following projects:

  • The Smooth team accomplished the final report for a study of bioequivalence, which was conducted by a Russian Sponsor. The report has already been sent to the Sponsor.
  • On February 8, we received an approval of Ministry of Health for conduct of phase III trial in cardiology for a big European pharmaceutical company.

On February 21, Smooth was audited by its western Sponsor. The audit didn’t reveal any major findings. Our company is dedicated to quality control and obtains various ISO certificates, including ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems.” Smooth conducts each aspect of its activity in accordance with the highest international quality standards. That is why Smooth passes audits successfully.

On February 12-16, the Smooth team attended Scope Summit for Clinical OPS Executives, which was held in Orlando, Florida. Our team had fruitful meetings with current Sponsors, potential partners and learnt about the latest advancements of the pharmaceutical industry. At the conference, Smooth Drug Development was taking a survey about experience and perception of clinical trials in Russia and Eastern Europe at SCOPE. How do professionals evaluate clinical trials market in Russia and post-Socialist space? Did the Russiagate influence the perception of clinical trials conduct in Russia? What is the most trustworthy country in the post-Soviet area? If you are interested to learn about the results of our survey, please follow this link.

Smooth Drug Development February 2018 News Release