Published on Sunday March 06, 2022

We are working on the following new projects:

  • Smooth signed a contract for a trial with Fabomotizole.
  • We were awarded with a medical writing project with INN Budesonide.
  • Smooth signed contracts for data management for trials with Ibuprofen and Bromhexine.
  • We signed a new full services contract for a BE trial with our Russian sponsor (INN Gabapentin).

We are happy to reach the following milestones in our projects:

  • The clinical part is finished in Paliperidon trials.
  • The site is opened in the Rabeprazol trial.
  • The clinical monitoring is undergoing in the Covid-19 vaccine trial. 90% of data are already monitored.
  • 300 subjects were enrolled in the observational program with multivitamins.