Published on Friday February 01, 2019

The company has started working on new projects:

  • Our company is preparing to start an observational program of a medical device for a global company.
  • Smooth signed two contracts with for preparation of the registration dossier for an international Sponsor.
  • Smooth signed an agreement for PVG services with a European Sponsor.
  • Smooth prepares to launch activities in observational study for a global company.

The company has reached important milestones in the following projects:
  • In January our clinical team has locked the database in the European trial in hepatology.
  • Our clinical team receive the MoH approval for a phase I-II trial in a rare cancer.
Our Corporate development group visited several important conventions:

On January 6-11, our business development team in the attended the JPM week in San Francisco. This is the biggest event in pharmaceutical industry, which assembles tens of thousands industry professionals.Dating back to 1983 with just 20 companies and 200 attendees, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference has grown into a collective four-day sprint with more than 20, 000 attendees and $330+ billion in capital represented. Our teams had meetings with numerous possible clients as well as with our current clients and friends.