Published on Thursday August 01, 2019

We are glad to present you a brief overview of the major company events for July:

Our company starts the following new activities:

  • Smooth is preparing to start monitoring activities in phase III study of INN: Darbepoetin alfa.
  • Our company is developing a literature review for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Smooth is preparing to launch an observational program of medical device in diabetes.
  • Our company was awarded with a bioequivalence trial of INN: Erlotinib.
  • Smooth prepares to launch phase IV study of a vaccine in flu.
  • Our company is developing medical documentation for a therapeutic equivalence trial of a drug in cold.
  • Smooth was awarded with a phase II trial in patients with trauma for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Our company was awarded with phase III clinical trial of INN: Sertaconazole.
  • Smooth was awarded with the development of pre-clinical and clinical modules for a phase III trial in pain with a global pharmaceutical company.

The company reached important milestones in the following projects:

  • Our clinical team is expecting regulatory approval of a trial in endometriosis.
  • Smooth is actively opening sites for a bioavailability trial in schizophrenia.
  • Our clinical team has enrolled 700 patients in phase IV trial in hemorrhoids.

In June our business development team started to prepare for the conference season. We will open this conference year with a trip to Konnect in Korea, Seoul, September 17-19.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at: We will be happy to meet you at a conference, answer your questions, and discuss future cooperation!