Published on Friday August 06, 2021

We are working on the following new projects:

  • Smooth is signing a contract for a bioequivalence trial of the Ibuprofen with our long-term client in Russia.
  • Our company started activities for regulatory support for a global CRO.
  • We signed a contract for a BE trial in Otilium Bromide by the European Sponsor.
  • Smooth signed an agreement for a new Acetylcysteine trial with our European partner.
  • Our company starting a new project for the COVID-19 vaccine trial.

We are happy to reach the following milestones in our projects:

  • The MoH submission was performed in the trial with COVID-19 vaccine. We received first LECs’ approvals.
  • 200 subjects were randomized in the phase III trial with Buserelin.
  • The first site was initiated in the Azacitidine trial.