Published on Friday June 01, 2018

The company has started working on new projects:

  • Smooth starts a data management project for a bioequivalence study in (INN: Bromhexine), conducted in the European Union.
  • Our team is working on literature reviews of preclinical and clinical studies of a drug with (INN: Dapoxetine) and a drug with a combination of active ingredients (INN: Brinzolamide + INN: Timolol).
  • Smooth launches a medical writing project for a study of therapeutic equivalnce of a drug with a combination of two active ingredients (INN:Brinzolamide + INN: Timolol).
  • Our company launches a medical writing project for bioequivalence study in (INN: Metformin) for a European trial.

The company has reached important milestones in the following projects

  • Smooth started the enrolment for a phase III study in (INN: Amlodipine + Bisoprololo+ Perindopril) for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Our company implemented an amendment in a comparative study in chronic kidney disease and continued the enrolment of patients.
  • In terms of the observation study in (INN: Telmisartan), Smooth has opened 37 centers and continues the enrolment.
  • A study in endometriosis is about to be closed, patients are paying their last visit.
  • The team of Smooth accomplished the final stage of the study in (INN: Dapoxetine) ahead of schedule.
  • Smooth science team accomplished new trainings and purchased new soft for improvement of work in international trials.

In May corporate development team attended three conferences in the United States:

  • The Smooth team participated in MAGI 2018 in Arlington, VA, May 20-23.

  • Smooth Drug Development participated in ASCO 2018 exhibition, Chinago, IL, June 1-5.

Smooth Drug Development May 2018 News Release 

  • After ASCO our team headed to BIO America, Boston, MA, June 4-7.