Published on Saturday December 01, 2018

The company has started working on new projects:

  • Our company signed a contract for three modules of the registration dossier preparation for a Russian company.
  • Smooth reached an agreement with a global company for research report adaptation for a publication and data processing and medical writing for a current study.
  • Our company was awarded organization and research for the Phase I study of INN: Fabomotizole.
  • Smooth is concluding an agreement for data processing and medical writing for Phase I
  • study of INN: Adalimumab.
  • Smooth was awarded to conduct a Phase I trial in hepatology.
  • Our company is signing an agreement for pharmacovigilance of 12 marketed products with an international company.
  • Our company was awarded a phase III trial in endometriosis by a European company.
The company has reached important milestones in the following projects:
  • In November our clinical team has closed all sites in a European study in hepatology.
  • Smooth submitted international phase III study in schizophrenia to the Russian and Ukrainian MoHs.
  • MoH granted approval to a phase I-II study in AML.