Clinical trials in Belarus

Smooth Drug Development conducts clinical research in the Republic of Belarus, which is conveniently located between the largest non-EU clinical trial market, Russia, and members of the European Union. Belarus adopts both international legislation and regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, which unites the majority of post-Soviet states. Belarus adheres to ICH GCP and shares international principles of clinical trial conduct. The distinctive feature of Belarus is low price of local currency, which makes research cost-effective, and rapid enrollment. As well as many of its post-Soviet neighbors, Belarus maintains centralized healthcare system. On the one hand, this system enables direct distribution of state investments in medical infrastructure. On the other hand, people encounter many obstacles if they demand specialized health care. Patients often consider clinical trials as a solution to their health problems, facilitating skyrocketing enrollments. Favorable recruitment conditions in Belarus yield very high enrollment rates.

Emerging market status make Belarus a viable option for clinical trials.

Smooth Drug Development offers solutions that make opportunities of Belorussian clinical trials market not only timesaving and cost-effective, but also of the highest quality. Smooth maintains comprehensive Quality Management System, which covers all aspects of its activities. Our company certified its QMS with ISO 9001:2008 by EUROCERT. In 2017, we advanced our QMS to the new standard ISO 9001:2015. Smooth Drug Development also has an ISO certificate in Business continuity management, which facilitates smooth and safe conduct of complex trails in different clinical environments. Smooth applies its advanced quality standards in research in Belarus, providing maximum benefits to our Sponsors.

Smooth Drug Development has significant experience in phase I-IV studies, research in bioequivalence, and a wide spectrum of post-marketing services. Our company has a long-standing relationship with sites in the Republic of Belarus and offers full-cycle services of the highest quality in this region. Please contact Smooth Drug Development to know why working with us in Belarus could be the best choice for your next study.