Investigator support

Smooth Drug Development, historically derived from Site Management Organization, is well aware of the specifics of the clinical research not only from side CRO, but also from side of investigational sites and patients.

We believe that success of the study depends on two basic factors:
  • Patient recruitment rate
  • Quality of collected data
Using a network of referral clinics and centers, professionally engaged in clinical research, we are able to reach a steady pace of enrollment and, at the same time, achieve high quality of data. Thus, we solve two important tasks: giving the opportunity to participate in the study to a wider range of patients and provide a high rate of recruitment.

When conducting research on rare nosologies we involve not only sites, which are already experienced in clinical research, but we help new clinics with targeted patient population to be accredited to conduct clinical trials, help them to conduct training for employees and implement quality management system. This improves patients' access to participation in a study and reduces competition between similar trials.

Smooth Drug Development work as an SMO since 2008.