Patent search

Smooth Drug Development offers patent search and analysis services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.
Sometimes developers choose how to classify their product – as novel or as generic drug. Positioning as an innovative drug leads to performing clinical development from phase I to phase III trials. Classification as generic or biosimilar will allow a simplified registration, but require waiting for expiration of relevant patents.
Since the development and registration of generic medicinal products during the validity of patents for the original drugs are not prohibited by law, it is possible to perform the whole cycle of registration trials and analogue registration before expiration of patents. It allows to bring the generic drug to market right after the expiration of the patent.
We offer patent search and analysis of generic drugs:
  • Patent search by groups of pharmaceuticals
  • Analysis of the development of patent cleanliness
  • Preparation of the strategy of clinical development and registration of products with respect to the expiration of patents
According to the analysis, we present a detailed report on the restrictions and terms of their validity.
Smooth Drug Development – CRO in Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries, offers services for patent search and analysis of patent cleanliness in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry from 2013.