Patient support programs

Smooth Drug Development offers patient support programs for patients with specific diseases or receiving specific treatment.
Patient support programs are aimed to provide information and technical support to patients and healthcare personnel which helps to increase compliance to treatment, to reduce side effects and to collect of safety data.
Program objectives may vary from program to program, but we understand that the importance of delivering positive health outcomes remains constant.
Each patient support program we deliver is different – tailored to the disease state and the unique needs of the relevant patient population.
Our specialists can help to design patient support program to improve health outcomes and achieve treatment compliance among patients and doctors.
Patient support program is aimed to:
  • Supporting patients and helping them take their medications as prescribed (compliance/adherence)
  • Helping patients understand their condition and provide advice on managing disease e.g. lifestyle (exercise or diet), disease education
  • Collecting adverse events
Below you may find some of the major services we provide:
  • Dedicated nurses assignment at hospitals
  • Hotlines for patients
  • Patient’s schools organization
  • Reporting adverse events and product quality complaints
Smooth Drug Development, a leading drug development company in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, provides patient support programs since 2016.