Studies in non-human primates

Smooth Drug Development provides service of pre-clinical studies in non-human primates.
Studies in non-human primates are the final stage of pre-clinical development and provide data close to results seen in human studies.
Our company cooperates with one of the leading Russian institutes – Federal State Budgetary Organization "Scientific-Research Institute of Medical Primatology" of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
"SRIMP" has well-equipped facilities for breeding and keeping animals in comfortable conditions. The institute has a population of more than 4,500 animals and their number is increasing every year. "SRIMP" is the largest breeding center in Europe, where the monkeys breed in captivity. The institution specialists conduct contract biomedical studies on laboratory primates.
The Institute has a well-trained staff that take care of the animals. Experienced veterinarians conduct regular inspection of individuals, behavioral assessment and diagnose their condition.
Rooms are equipped with modern research equipment and cages for primates. Study procedures are conducted by experienced researchers. Specialists of the Institute make every effort to minimize discomfort and stress to the animals. Performing experiments on monkeys is controlled by the Ethics Committee for work with animals.
"SRIMP" has the following laboratories:
  • Zootechnical laboratory with breeding facility
  • Laboratory of Endocrinology
  • Laboratory of Infectious Viruses
  • Laboratory of Infectious Pathology
  • Laboratory of Immunology and Cell Biology
The Institute has a clinical veterinary unit with x-ray and a biochemistry lab.
Our company offers the following studies:
  • Safety pharmacology studies
  • Toxicological research
  • Pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics research
  • Studies of primate behavior
  • Immunological research
  • Biomolecular analysis
We provide the following services:
  • Development of pre-clinical research programs
  • Management of laboratory work during the project
  • Development of research plans
  • Conduct of experiments
  • Statistical analysis of results
  • Preparation of research reports
  • Quality control
Smooth Drug Development is a contract research organization (CRO), has a partnership with the FSBO "Scientific-Research Institute of Medical Primatology" RAMS since 2013.