About Smooth

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The company name reflects our main principle – to provide a constant
and continuous development of pharmaceutical products
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Mission and values
Our mission is to provide resultative, timely and cost-effective process of drug development for our Clients
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Company structure
The company has a distinct organizational structure which is based on the process management approach
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Quality management
We have implemented advanced Quality Management System according to the requirements of
ISO 9001 for all aspects
of our business
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IT support
We use systems that meet the most stringent international regulations to protect and backup information
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Business continuity
We implement and maintain Business Continuity Management System, which allows us to be a reliable partner for our Clients
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We provide local and international clinical trials in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Baltic States
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Corporate Ethics
We maintain guidance on corporate ethics and business etiquette, which includes all important aspects of corporate behavior
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Our vendors
Our company is focused on building strong partnerships with suppliers of goods and services
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Partner sites
We maintain strong business relationship with professional investigational sites in various therapeutic areas
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Your advantages
We provide timely patient recruitment, high quality of data and flexible cost-effective solutions
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Latest news and events of Smooth Drug Development