Smooth ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcome) is a solution to capture clinical data directly from the patient.

It consists of server and mobile device parts and replaces paper patient diaries. The solution helps to reduce costs for manual entering data to EDCs and source data verification.

The device supports different types of questionnaires, scales, recording of events and reminders.

The benefits of electronic Smooth ePRO are:

  • Controlled data entry with pre-set masks
  • Filling notification
  • Automatic and real-time transfer to data base
  • Go-to-Green navigation technology
  • Multilanguage interface – use of different languages in the same trial
  • Possibility to reuse devices
  • Real time access to entered data for data managers, CRAs and Investigators
  • High patients’ compliance thanks to reminders
  • Visibility of patients’ safety and compliance
  • No possibility to enter data retrospectively
  • Immediate notifications about subjects’ deterioration of health
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable interface
  • Confidentiality