Our Partner Sites

Smooth Drug Development are always interested in expanding its network of business contacts with investigational sites.
We help new sites to obtain accreditation for clinical trials, to build a site team and to start the first trials.
For those centers, who are not interested in conduct of clinical trials themselves, we offer a special type of collaboration – referring of patients who are potentially eligible for participating in a clinical trial to the sites where such trials are conducted. Patients and their doctors are always informed in detail about the treatment options to be able to make their own decisions about participation in the study.
For centers already conducting studies, we offer our assistance in the implementation of quality management system at their sites. This system helps site staff to better understand and fulfill their responsibilities, and supports the Principal Investigators to control all aspects of the study.
In some cases, we can provide experienced staff to perform administrative tasks in the study, allowing the site team to focus on clinical work and communication with patients.
Our company maintains own investigational site database. To join our network, please send information about your site at info@smoothdd.com, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support. Please refer to our area of operations.