Your Advantages

Due to flexible combination of innovative approach and proven solutions, our Customers benefit from reduced terms and costs of clinical research, receiving at the same time compliance to the highest quality standards.
We offer the best choice of study design
Our specialists have extensive experience in selection of optimal nosology and research methodology that reduces time and cost of research.
We offer support of leading industry experts in planning of studies
Correct set of study objectives allow us to save time to obtain necessary approvals to start our trials.
We offer wide geography
We work in different regions covering population of > 200 million people. We perform clinical trials in Russia, Ukraine. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia.
We offer timely enrollment
A wide network of study sites and referral clinics allow us to complete enrollment on time. If necessary, we organize new study sites in clinics specializing in the target nosology. Administrative support allows researchers to focus on recruitment and treatment plans.
We offer the most advanced solutions
We mainly use Electronic Data Capture (even in bioequivalence studies), which helps us to reduce costs compared to outdated paper CRFs and allow data cleaning in real time.
We implement quality standards at study sites which allows us to perform risk-based monitoring in accordance with the latest recommendations of ICH.
We offer an exceptional quality of data
The process-oriented quality management system allows us to consistently achieve high quality of data, even in larger studies. The quality management system implemented in our partner investigational sites helps to ensure timely database lock and preparation of final reports.
Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our employees we achieve excellent results even in the most complex projects.