Our Vendor Policy

Smooth Drug Development is focused on building strong partnership with service providers for pre-clinical and clinical studies which allows us to provide high quality, efficiency and flexible pricing for our Clients.
In accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 "Quality Management Systems – Requirements" we thoroughly select our vendors. Before approval vendors go through a selection process that includes assessment of the documentation and, in most cases, a quality management system audit. According to the audit results, we provide a detailed list of identified deficiencies, if any. After confirmation of completion of all corrective actions we put a vendor into one of the categories of our vendor list: approved, approved with restrictions or not approved. After approval we conduct regular and for-cause audits. During the projects we manage supplier activities like our own ones and are fully responsible for the results achieved.
In accordance with the requirements of ISO 22301 "Societal security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements", as well as to meet the requirements of anti-bribery policy, we adhere to the principles of suppliers duplication for all important areas of activity. This allows us to be confident in the fact that the activity will not be suddenly broken, and also the fact that we offer our Clients services at optimal costs.
Partner organizations include:
  • Phase I and bioequivalence units
  • Bioanalytical laboratories
  • Central clinical laboratories
  • Central imaging review
  • Providers of electronic data capture and IWRS
  • Suppliers of pharmaceuticals and equipment
  • Courier companies
  • Customs brokers
  • Translation agencies
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Drug destruction companies